About Me

Hi there!

I’m Kristi Banks but you can call me “Casie”.

I started this blog 6 years ago- 6, guys! At first, it was supposed to be a platform so I can express my thoughts and share what I have been doing lately. So yeah, it’s mostly like an online diary that anyone can read. I am currently connected to Travel Blogging. You may visit the other blog at: koaladventuresblog

The other blog’s purpose is to immortalize all my travels and share our experiences to those who will be visiting the same country. To be honest, this was all an idea. Thanks to my supportive other half, it’s now a reality!

And okay… let me tell you something about myself. I am the eldest of two daughters and the breadwinner of the family. I was born in Canada but grew up in the Philippines. I couldn’t feel more blessed and grateful to be able to experience the best of both worlds. I am fluent in English, Tagalog and Bisaya (local dialect in the Philippines). I also know a little Spanish.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree – Major in Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas. I spent two years of my college life serving the student body as Secretary (College Level) and Treasurer (University Level). I’m currently employed as a Senior Legal Assistant at an international law firm based in the Philippines. I spend most of my time reading books, blogging, travelling, etc. I like to be involved in Charity works during my free time. I believe in paying it forward and right now, I try to be involved in promoting responsible travelling. One of my advocacies as a Student leader is “Styro-free campus” and helping out with other green-related projects on campus.

As of today, as an active environmental advocate, my advocacy is set on a “Straw-free and Plastic-free environment”. I’m also encouraging people to cut their carbon footprint in cooperation of the recent Paris Agreement.

Well, on a more personal level, in case you’re curious, my greatest possession is my dog, Orwell. He is an American Cocker Spaniel and the sweetest creature on Earth! I’m an animal lover! I love dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, name it! I just do!  I love reading books and blogs. I can spend hours in front a book and just read till I fall asleep.

So… that’s Kristi Banks in a nut shell! Feel free to browse through my page and I hope you find it useful.

You can always send me a message for any questions or suggestions!

Xx. Casie


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you find lots to entertain you and maybe make some discoveries. Please feel free to comment. Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.

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