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June 05 – World Environment Day

I would like to share what Mother Earth and the Environment mean to me.
I have always been passionate about the environment. I love nature and everything about it. There’s just something that I cannot truly explain whenever I travel and see how beautifully carved the mountains are, how the waterfalls make me feel when I hear that splash or how the birds humm with joy! Or whenever we see the Sun rise and set, I can just sit there for hours and just feel overwhelmed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.
In celebration of the World Environment Day, I would like to share a few initiatives that I have been doing in order to lessen my carbon footprint. I have changed to a healthier lifestyle, said NO TO PLASTICS, shared ways to conserve energy, etc.
The most important thing we can do to contribute to what world leaders are fighting for is to BELIEVE. Believe that Climate Change is happening and we are the reason for it. It’s human caused and we are suffering the effects of it. When we believe then we can finally say that we can start acting. People will ask me “What is the first thing that must be done to fight Climate Change?” And I tell them, we start with AWARENESS. We must let people know the problem so we can show them the solution. Spreading awareness sounds hard but it’s not. There are so many platforms we can take advantage of. We have the Internet and we can make the most out of it by using it as a tool to create infomercials about Climate Change, Global warming, Zero Waste Management, The Harm of Single Use Plastics, etc. We can connect with people from all corners of the world!
Now, If it’s still difficult for you to comprehend maybe because you are not aware that it is happening to you. We have heard about it on the news, seen it on the Internet and witnessed people march in seek of support. The floods and unpredictable weather patterns are affecting people from all walks of life. I am writing this because I am optimistic that people will take time and read this. It only takes one voice to encourage the rest to listen and follow.
Let’s start appreciate and understand what Mother Earth has given us. She has given us everything that we are enjoying right now. The air we breathe, the soil we walk on and the water we drink to survive. She has given us support to live. Now, what have we shown her in return? We have been cruel to her. We have taken her for granted. Cliché but I’m sure some of us know how painful it is to be taken for granted after everything we have done. Our Earth is not different from us. She deserves the same level of respect we demand from others.
I hope that this post helps you realize what initiative you can take to be proactive in protecting and conserving our Environment.
Disclaimer: Featured picture not mine; grabbed from the Internet.

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