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For the First and Last Time

The blog’s title is pretty confusing but yes and no; yes, this will be about my experiences that I might be doing for the first and those for the last time and no, this will not be a confession of suppressed feelings.

Together with eight thousand students, we exited the Arch of the Centuries last May 15. It meant that we are finally leaving the four walls of the University. It was the most awaited event of my fourth year life. It meant growth and independence.

Growth is the end-product of learning. An individual is educated so he can grow to his utmost potential and develop his skills in preparation for his future life. To quote from my thesis, “Growth is something done and not something that happens by itself. The community contributes to growth having an end, not being an end. In order to achieve a genuine social life, there must be a unified cooperation coming from all the members of the community.“ The community is the place we live and interact with other individuals. Hence, the community contributes a big slice in the development of the person, those like the schools.

*I can remember how my thesis entitled, “The Relevance of John Dewey’s Liberal Education in the Information Age”, started as a concept that I wanted to deeply understand. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my awesome adviser and my panelists for guidance.*

It means Independence because it is about finally setting out to the REAL world. We might have heard stories about how hard it is but what the university life has taught me is that I should learn how to overcome everything. I have done so much in my four years that I will never regret! Hence, I suppose being independent is not a bad thing once you’re chasing after your dreams or slowly planning your future. Independence arises from growth. Once you fully understand and know yourself, it becomes easy. You become develop a sense of openness and encourages change.

But wow, running through that Arch side-by-side and hand-in-hand with your friends for four years is something! It was the best feeling in the world. To quote Perks of Being a Wallflower, I can say that in that moment I FEEL INFINITE. For the first time in my life, I wanted to seize time and just live in that moment; breathing every inch of air and gasping for more because I want it with me forever. For the first time, I knew I was leaving my beloved university as a changed person. I am truly grateful for this. Though it was the last time, I will be walking out of that 400 years old Arch. I am now part of history. 

It was so overwhelming, actually. I was drowning in the feeling of excitement, anxiety, and oh gosh… everything! The theme was festive! It was so colorful so the mood was so light and joyful. I wanted to cry but I was so happy I’d rather smile. Then, I wanted to hug everyone but I’d rather stare at them and try to paint an image of them in my mind so I can keep them forever. Sigh, I wanted it to last.

*Not to forget it was my dad’s birthday so hooray for that blessed day!

So, why am I sharing this? Well, if you are at your incoming second or third or fourth year in a University or College, I would like you to realize that every single day counts! Each day is your first and your last. I’ve realized that there’s no sense in picking fights, arguing with people and all those bad blood because one day, you are just going to laugh that off! And if you’re not the type to forgive and forget, well it’s going to eat you up and you’ll regret the time you’ve wasted contemplating on that. I want you to think that TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY TO DO GOOD AND ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING. It’s another day to meet new people and make friends! Start expanding your horizons and try stepping out of your comfort zones. It’s going to be scary but you got to stay positive. Welcome everything with a smile! This is actually a secret some fail to realize.

I’ve attached a few photos of what happened that day so you’ll see what I’m pertaining to in this blog. I hope you enjoy it! (Grabbed mostly from my friend’s accounts. Credits goes to them!)

804636_10206935412090027_175749173_n 11221597_10152917412978105_2948401170725458107_n1510487_972606239438162_9064184139890427620_n 10857740_893251097383516_4249210669439401635_n 11009095_10206751676815280_5042579278574574467_n 11063757_963500287002534_4891075483249190250_n 11063957_10206751664574974_3518448758444835351_n 11113124_893249077383718_6640906790916742899_n 11139778_963499813669248_8680616546793582373_n 11193410_972607236104729_5928081781017435549_n 11201182_893251327383493_4494272019397138098_n 11245493_963500243669205_8659764052645367778_n 11259196_10206748557897309_1548980561606381164_n 11287240_10206935428410435_1687612263_n11297853_10206935430610490_183991051_n11261644_963500177002545_923681624746934261_n11059166_10206751664974984_4824032152320680423_n


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