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Back on Track!

After several months of not publishing here on my blog, I feel a bit rusty but I’m excited! School is almost officially over and I have more time to write about anything under the sun. I hope to continue inspiring readers on a few of my ups and downs, my outreach programs, and even insights. Nowadays, I have been focusing on giving back and trying to practice the “Pay It Forward” campaign.

For my come back blog, I would like to write about how I struggled and got through the remaining months of the school year.

First, THESIS- The rigorous thesis writing process, the thesis defense and revisions almost killed me. It sounds funny but really, I was always feeling sick and I had take countless prescribed medications by the doctor just to make it through. I had to go to an ophthalmologist to get my eyes checked because I have astigmatism so I had to start wearing eyeglasses. I was absent from a few classes because I was trying to catch a deadline I have given myself. I have to admit that I can be tough on myself when the situation calls for it. I defended my Thesis last April 14, 2015 and oh gosh, I have never been happier in my life! The countless nights of crying and not sleeping finally paid off! That 1.25 for thesis grade is definitely not bad at all! I am so thankful for a supportive thesis adviser, Prof. Hector Siringan and thesis panelists, who helped improve my thesis.

Just in case you were wondering what I wrote, it’s entitled “The Relevance of John Dewey’s Liberal Education in the Information Age”. *I’ll upload snippets of it in my next blog post so stay tuned!*

Second, ACADEMICS- Since I was not around class most of the time, I had to borrow notes from my friends. Hence, this portion of my blog dedicated to my Ultimate-Alphafriends (Ellaine Madrideo, Nica Oliva, Karla Portuguez, Kimmy Caramat and Sheela Legaspi). Thank you so much dear friends for saving my a**. LOL. I couldn’t have done it without your saving grace and guidance. I love you bitches. Going back, the academic load was tremendous. We had quizzes and lectures in the Seniors’ exam week. However, we were able to make it through alive and just waiting for the release of grades.

Third, THOUGHTS OF THE FUTURE- I tend to stay awake at night, trying to decide whether I should pursue a Law degree or a Masters education. My mind and heart has been struggling over this issue. Choosing the former would mean fulfilling a childhood that my dad and I share; whereas, the latter would mean pursuing the chosen field I have dedicated a year of my school life and research, that is to teach philosophy of education and practice it. I aim in changing the educational mindset the Philippines has and bring forth the “progressive education” that is supportive of the child’s full potential growth. Well, I can always do both… I’ll update you guys on this one!

Fourth, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, which are too personal to discuss. Recently, I was asked if the UST-Faculty of Arts and Letters have contributed to my preparation for employment and has it provided me with the quality education that I, as a student, deserve. I answered, “I’d like to believe that AB has done so much to prepare its graduates for the bigger reality. It will all depend on the individual’s capabilities which I strongly think AB has cultivated. Though, I will admit that I’ve lost my mathematical skills when I got so immersed in the Humanities. Nonetheless, the education of the UST- Arts and Letters is the best I’ve seen, heard and experienced. There may be a need for improvement but that’s something inevitable.”
Today, as a twenty-year old individual, I owe the more matured wisdom and critical behavior I have from UST. These are traits that will guide me in the bigger reality. I have encountered several kinds of people with various personalities in which I learned a few things from them. My adaptation skills were challenged! LOL. But on a serious note, I started from being a passive student to an active one. UST has a way of waking the dogmatic consciousness of its students, in an aggressive or smooth way. Students have to come to realized that they can voice out their concerns and the feeling of “oppression”. They became a smart and an alert voter especially during the UST Halalan 2015. They are slowing approaching the stage of placing theory into praxis. Moreover, they have strengthened their love for their Alma Mater, that Thomasian Identity.
So, I guess if someone asks me, “What makes you a proud Thomasian?” I will answer, “I have instilled a deeper sense of compassion for others and the University has contributed to my development as an individual committed to a higher level of global competency.”

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