17 Things You Should Know Before You Date An Ambitious Girl

Thought Catalog

1. We put 100% of ourselves into everything we do. That includes relationships. If we’re in a relationship with you, we’re going to make damn sure that we give it our all.

2. We aren’t used to the feeling of not being in control, especially with our emotions. We’re used to keeping everything in check, so when you come in and turn that all upside down, we might be thrown off for a little while. Bear with us.

3. We might have a hard time admitting when we need you. Up until now, we’ve been used to depending on ourselves for everything we need. We aren’t used to asking for help. Try and pay close attention, because we might be telling you we need you without even realizing it ourselves.

4. Other people like to call us bossy or aggressive or pushy, instead of ambitious or bold or motivated. This…

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