10 Tips For Strengthening A New Relationship

James Michael Sama

It seems that lately, the only thing more difficult than finding someone we want to enter into a relationship with, is figuring out exactly how to make that relationship last when we finally do.

It’s important to remember that the effort it took to get someone’s attention will also be the effort it takes to keep someone’s attention. Nobody will end up happy if you immediately become comfortable and complacent after commitment has been established. You’ve got to keep stoking the fire.

Here are a few tips for making it happen.


Keep dating.

When you are ‘dating’ someone, it is not just an arbitrary term to signify exclusivity. It should literally mean that you are actually frequently going on dates with each other. It is the natural instinct when we end up in a relationship to take a deep sigh of relief, sit down on the couch, and start ordering…

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