Random Thoughts

Action and reaction.

Here’s a short analysis and message for a few narrow minded people.

First things first, to spend your precious time on specific people through anonymous questions or comments, must mean that they are very special for you to be putting such efforts on. *wink*

Now, why do we call someone a “snob”? Is it because you didn’t get noticed or you wanted the same attention but it wasn’t granted to you?
Then, when you acknowledge their presence, they make it such a fuss that one would end up trying to please them and ask for their forgiveness. Well, it’s pathetic as it seems.

There are also those who try to “impose” upon you something that and what you are not.
Seemingly, they know more about you than you, yourself knows. Funny right? , somehow they know that this would make one’s self feel bad. For example, they say “You like being friends with famous people, don’t you? Admit it!”
See? It forces one self to disagree and end up trying to explain and defend oneself for that sake of proving the accusers wrong.

Another would be those “so-called friends” but ends with them trying to do you wrong.
In my case, I have seen others do this to their own circle of friends. It’s a sad thing to see. All those memories built are put to waste by simple insecurity, misinterpretation or wanting to be ahead of that person.

In line with that, in the Philippines, they are better known as the “isip talangka“. They are associated with the manner of how crabs act. If you’d notice, when you place them in any closed container, they try to pull each other down since those at the bottom would want to be on top. Hence, no one gets to be ahead and no one finishes or gets out.

Let’s not forget the “insensitive ones”. They act in accordance to what they will and want without thinking of what others would feel towards their actions. These are commonly seen in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook,  Ask.fm, etc.

There is so much negativity with these kind of people. I guess, unconsciously they are not aware of the truth behind their actions.

They might be thinking that it’s okay to give criticisms but forgets that they are stepping in some lines. Friendly criticisms are good but if you criticised with out the intention of making one a fool. However, if you have such intentions,  it’s no friendly criticism.

They spend so much time on other people that they forget to look at their own lives and see what could possibly already be missing.

Some would want the attention and others just for the fun of it. What we need is PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING towards them.
All they need to do is realize that there are better things in life. They should focus on the good side of it and not dwell on the negative energy around them.

Life is wonderfully amazing! Despite the calamities,  we see people with good hearts trying to help one another; trying to help them survive. Instead of wanting to pull others down, we should be wanting others to be on the right track and be successful.

Remember there will always be Karma. For the Buddhist philosophy, in every action, there is an equal reaction. So invest on the good ones and reap the positive results from it.


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