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Dedicated to a dear friend of mine.

Last year ♡

I want to say a lot of things but I’m letting this clichè saying tell it all. “A picture paints a thousand words. ”

I miss my best friend.  I miss the first girl I got close to during my first week in class. I’m still hoping that I can have her back. I’m still hoping that the friendship we once had and for me,  “still have”.

This is just sad. I look at her in class then face away because I don’t have the courage to smile nor say “Hello” anymore. There’s no hard feelings.  I was never mad at her or at anyone.  I’m just sad…really sad.

I guess what a friend of mine meant by telling me that he sees in my eyes the sadness and loneliness. My smile can’t hide such emotion. Well, I was never really good at hiding my feelings. I admit that I cry when things are too much to handle.  I know deep down if I didn’t let it out, it’d eat me up inside which is worse. Besides,  crying isn’t a sign of being weak. It just shows that I am still a human being capable of feeling different types of emotions. Like any other human, I get hurt, sad and even happy too. Crying is an outlet to release stress and tension, emotionally.

I miss talking to her about any random stuff we can think of and talk about. I miss the food trips! I miss the vainness. I miss the tambay days. I miss the laughters. Teasing people  were fun when I do it with her. I miss her photography skills and hobby! I miss the stalk mode sessions. I miss every single thing.

I miss my best friend, someone I considered my sister.

If you are reading this, I’m really sorry for whatever wrong I did specially for the times that I missed out. I just miss you. I miss my best friend.

I know things will never be the same again but I’m still hoping that may be there’s still that one out ten chances of it happening again.


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