Model Version

Regally beautiful.

It took a while before I wrote about it but here it goes.

Almost every young girl had dreamt and wanted to become a beauty queen. Inspired by the Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth or even the Miss International pageants she has seen being televised by television networks.

I admit that I grew up watching beautiful ladies regally walking with poise and confidence on stage. Seeing them always made me want to compete at beauty pageants.

But wait, I have to make it clear that beauty pageants are not all about the physique or face value. There is always more to it. It’s one of the noble ways of living life with a cause because as a beauty queen, you are given the opportunity to inspire others in the best way one can. She is regal. She is unique. She is a beauty queen not by title but by her lifestyle. It does not end when you are crowned as grand winner but the journey continues. A queen is able to carry herself in every possible adpect and knows what to say, how to act and what the society

If you were able to watch a few beauty pageants, the Question and Answer portion determines who wins because the candidates personality reflects her answer. Of course, this last portion makes a candidate’s heart beat fast. You never know what to expect and most of t questions are mostly based on current news. T examines how in touch and open the candidate mind is on the social issues her country is currently facing.

It’s not rare for me to be asked on why I join beauty pageants. It’s as simple as I tell them that, “It’s my chance of giving back when I win. It’s an opportunity to prove every critic that pageants are for the uneducated because there is always more of what is essential that is not seen by the eyes.” It sounds very “pageanty” but it’s the truth. Accept it or leave it.

I don’t expect everyone to understand this. All they see is a beautiful face meant to compete at beauty pageants because she/he is conceited. What I’m trying to do here is explain what is not seen and can only be understood by reason and only a few can. It hurts when people judge what they clearly don’t know. Beauty is from within and this is what inner beauty is being empowered. To share thy blessings to those who need it the most and to extend a helping hand.

So the next time you watch any beauty pageants, think of what it’s for and support the advocacy being raised. 


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