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One month down and eight months to go till another school year ends.

It’s weird that I’m counting the months down but I guess it’s my way of trying to analyze and examine what I did every month whether I was successful with my plans or goals set at that month.

So, June… the start of the school year as a third year student, it was slow in transition but when it came to council work,  it was actually fast.

At first,  I was at rehearsals then the next thing was Coronation Night. Soon enough, I was at school. Saw my blockmates again after two or three months.  I missed them. I miss seeing the people I grew accustomed to for the past two years of my stay at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. I missed my friends whom I used to spend time with after class. I miss hanging out at McDonald’s-Lacson. I miss my best friend,  Czara Dy. I miss my closest friends,  Kim Caramat, Patricia Aldep and Jeri Ebora. I miss the guys, Joshua, Dailo, Mathew, etc. Well, basically, I am missing a lot of people and a lot of things.

I kjow things are not the same as they were last year. THINGS WERE SO DIFFERENT LAST YEAR. I guess the word “normal” doesn’t go well with me.

You must be wondering whether I regret anything that has happened to me. No, I don’t regret anything.  I guess things are bound to happen whether with my consent or not. It’s the way life is. It’s a cycle. Somethings you are at the top and sometimes you get to feel how it is to be at the bottom. Yes, it’s a goodbye to my social life sort of thing buy it’s also a “Hello to the better things in life”.

June was a busy month. All project proposals were encoded and ready for submission. They say it was not required of me to submit everything all at once but I was ready.

There were challenges along the way like how we had to go back to the same office trying to get a valuable person’s “YES” on a venue. *wink wink*

My drive was so intense, I was a happy kid when I got all the e-reserve things done. It’s the best feeling any Secretary can feel. Trust me.

I love my work. I love every inch of it. When they tell me that it’s the hardest job at the council. I can always smile and tell them that “No, it’s not hardest job because every Council position is hard. It’s easier when you love what you and you do what you love.”

Others may not see what I see and may not understand but I don’t and can’t blame them. There are several perspectives and one can’t always have it all. I am seen as the officer behind a desk but that is where the magic happens. I don’t expect everyone to see this. As long as I am doing my part in the line of service, I am happy.

I am thankful for my Executive Board and Adviser whom are always there whenever I need them. They are my strength. I am thankful for everyone who believes in me. I won’t let you down!

Most of all, thank you Almighty One for giving me the strength to carry my tasks with a smile. Thank you for a blissful year. Thank you for giving mr another day to do what I love most.




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