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Blessings in disguise.


Good things come to those who wait
but better things come when one strives for it.

For the past few months, I have been blessed with so many things I can’t even imagine and I have no intentions of counting it. I humbly owe every achievement to the Alinghty One, to my family and friends. I cannot take credit for any of this because they are my strength and inspiration.

If you’d ask me last year, what are my plans or my vision, I will not be able to give you a satisfying answer. You’d probably be disappointed. So many things has happened to me. For the past months, I have been struggling and my battle doesn’t stop. It continues each day, challenging who and what I am not only as a student, a daughter or a friend but the totality of myself.

Life gets better when it’s tougher. You
become a better version of yourself after every obstacle.

I’m writing this because being part of this year’s Arts and Letters Student Council has taught me a lot especially this past four months since I was proclaimed Secretary.

Hearing your name being proclaimed as “The new AB Secretary” makes me want to cry and just hug my parents
whom I wished were there during at that time. It really means a lot hearing them congratulate you and tell you they are so proud of you. This I believe is every child’s proudest and most memorable moment. I could live that day over and over. However, I have to continue each day and begin the service I have promised my fellow Artlets.

The freebies are bonuses from something greater than I can imagine.
This great thing is the opportunity and trust given to me by that 907 students who said “YES” to me. I remind myself everyday of this because they really do deserve the best of what I and my Executive Board can offer.

I am so thankful that I have the best family to work with for this academic year.

I am thankful for the staff of AB whjo are very friendly and approachable.
Moreover, we are guided by our sweet adviser, Prof. Imelda de Castro, who is always s of what we do. She’s always there. I can’t thank her enough for always advising us on what to do and for her inspiring messages whenever we talk to her. We are blessed to have her, AB is blessed to have her.

Furthermore, we have our father-like figure, Asst. Prof. Crescencio Doma, who is always jolly and supportive as well. I’m so happy for him. I wish him
and his fiancé the best of all.

I’m thankfuk for our sweet and understanding Asst. Dean, Asst. Prof. Nancy Tabirara, who always find ways to accommodate and talk to us even if she’s busy. She’s AB mother-figure a well.

Lastly, thank you to our respected Dean, Prof. Michael Anthony Vasco, who looks out for the best interest of Artlets. Every decision he makes is for the betterment of AB.

I salute this people. Thank you and let’s work together for a fruitful academic year. ♡


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