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My Generation East 2013 Journey ♡

The day we were all waiting for finally came. It was what I can call “Judgment Day”. After the weeks we’ve spent together especially during rehearsals. It was one of the best three days of my 2013!

Each candidate was unique and special in her own way. We had different personalities but somehow we all met half way. Being with their company makes me comfortable.

We did so many things together. To name a few:
– I got to watch my childhood favorite, Jurassic Park in 3D with them and the “After Earth” film.
-We went mountain hiking and swimming together.
– We played mind games and pinoy henyo together.

On June 08, 2013, call time was set to 12nn. We had to sign in because there was a policy. Five pesos per minute if you were late.

I’ve been telling you all this but you are probably wondering what is “Generation East”?

It’s not just a model search about physical beauty like the typical descriptions on pageants. It examines the wits of the nodel. He/she must have what it takes to be it’s frontliner.

Generation East trains its models to be professional. It’s a good training ground for those who lacks the discipline and an excellent stepping stone for inspiring models.

A generation east model has the burning passion to inspire and motivate the youth. This is the role if the Generation East winner. To Inspire the youth to stand proud of themselves and their roots. To be motivated by sharing what he/she knows because it is better to illuminate others and not merely shine. He/she has the heart for service and the in need. Generation East involves charity works which let’s you realize how lucky we are as people.

Finally, the show was about to begin. It had three segments: Opening part with the dance number and casual wear ramp, the siwm wear portion
and finally the “Fashionista” or the evening gown portion.

The top seven were being called one by one. Pressured, nervous but excited. Nobody knew who were going to be called. It boiled down to the last female for the Top seven spot. INTENSE! Model number 4 was finally called. At that moment, I was more than thankful. I’m far from what I was before. The question and answer portion was going to change everything. I was the last one called.

I was asked, “What would you like to see done about the public’s information regardding organ donation?”

I answered, “I would not only like to see it done but I would like to take part in public dissemination of infornation regarding the positive and negative effects of organ donation. Why would we like to see lives end when we could save them through organ donation.”

You’ll know you did good if you are able to smile and breath comfortably after answering… I did.

Andrenaline rush! I actually didn’t know where my answer came from but I am more than thankful.

I owe everything to the Almighty one who never left me. I felt his pressence every step of the way.

I am thankful for my supportive mom who did everything she can so we could attend evry rehearsal and event. She was beside me from the very start. I can still remember her telling me before Question and Answer, “Kapag kinabahan ka, sipain mo yung hagdan. Kapag sumipa pabalik yan, kabahan ka. Kung hindi, wala ka dapat ikatakot.”
I am thankful for my dad and sister whi gave their support all the way though there were also the tough and challenging times.

I am thankful and blessed to have such good friends who went and watched to support me. I couldn’t disappoint them.

I made it to a point that it should be a “WIN OR WIN” situation only. They know my story and they knew how bad I wanted to win. They knew what I went through. All those tears I cried
because I was starting to lose hope. They were there to pull me up and strength me.

I am thankful for my tito Robin who looked after me during the span of this search. I may have been “pasaway” but he was always so kind.

I’d like to thank my co-candidates for making this a worthwhile and memorable pageant. I will surely miss everyone but this isn’t the end of our friendship because we are a family.

I’d also like to thank my dearest Ate Charmaine Elima for being so nice, friendly and supportive. She’s been there very step of the day. I’m thankful for all the advice and tips she gave us. I wish I can reach as far as you did, if not now but someday. You are truly an inspiration to me. 

I’d like to thank Sir Zaldy, Ma’am Kathy, Ma’am Karen, the OJT’s and everyone from the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Thank you for your patience and warmth acceptance. Congratulations to us, Generation East 2013 models! We did it! ♡

1002743_674105285938095_1297308256_n (1) 971457_674104955938128_1069403948_n (2) 944103_674104642604826_914279056_n 6486_674104692604821_1718315546_n 943465_674104762604814_2005253990_n (1) 922717_674104599271497_40510221_n (1) 944718_674103395938284_793419760_n (1) 945935_674104505938173_115037864_n (1) 945591_674104565938167_45629574_n (1)1002743_674105285938095_1297308256_n (1)

“Don’t give it your best. Do whatever it takes.”  Thank you! ♡

Here are some of the pictures! (Some are from Ate Maine Elima’s album) 

wpid-20120101_082904.jpg wpid-20120101_082858.jpg

Here’s Gio, Ma’am Kathy’s son, Ace, Cha and BK!wpid-20120101_084305.jpg

Here’s the batch’s triplets. Hahaha!wpid-20120101_084649.jpg

With Julio, one of the coolest guy to talk to. *wink*wpid-20120101_083200.jpg

My girls Pat and Janriss! wpid-20120101_084617.jpg

Barbara Palvin and Direk Richard

Jam and the very pretty, Chelsea.wpid-20120101_085139.jpg wpid-20120101_084638.jpg wpid-20120101_085139.jpg wpid-20120101_083200.jpg We had our mini raffle from the money collected from our “late” attendance. wpid-20120101_085341.jpg

Sir Zaldy,Chelsea and Dyosa (Jeanine)wpid-20120101_082742.jpg

Hooray for my picture with the director whose fond of mind games! wpid-20120101_083309.jpg

With the forever young and nice, Ma’am Kathy!wpid-20120101_082431.jpg


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