Random Thoughts

Let’s talk about MUSIC!


Can you imagine a world without MUSIC?  As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”It’s amazing how a single note can transform into a whole set of melody enough to make the human mind and heart appeal to the tune it has. Every note has its own identity and  when its linked with another note, it creates a variety of sound. 

Music is the best way to escape reality for a moment. It gives us the time and space we need to think over things. It’s amazing how we can relate a song to what we are currently feeling. I guess when we run out of words to say, we express and tell our story through music. Not every one has the privilege of living a carefree and stress-free life. We all go through bad times. It’s just others handle it better than us. We can too! We just have to accept those bad things and learn to mold it to a better version it can be. It’s peeling off the damaged parts and letting the new part shine. 

Music can be one’s therapy. As exaggerated as it sounds but music can heal the heart. It just needs the “right ingredients” to make things better. I’d like to quote Plato when he said, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” 

Music is an art. It’s creative and innovative in several genres but bottom line is, it gives us a part of fulfillment. It’s almost every teenager’s best friend. Plug your earphones on and there you go! You’re in your own world at exactly how you’d like it to be. It has a way of telling one’s story- the good or bad. Music gives us the daily dose of what we need. Select a song from your playlist and BOOM! You own it. It creates it’s own force-filled that only the person listening knows.  

I’d like to believe that when a composer writes his masterpiece, he is momentarily lost in that world he created. A different part of him is shown and revealed. Good music is from the heart. It comes from the pain, the struggle, the joy, the laughter and every emotion man can express. There’s no such thing as “bad music”. They call it bad because it lacks the emotion required for the audience to feel. It’s co-related in every single way like MUSIC–>EMOTIONS/FEELINGS. These are usually the unspoken words put into lyrics and sang unto us. It meditates everything around us. Just like how there is music in the wind or in the sway of the trees branches. 

Furthermore, I believe that aside from love, MUSIC IS ALSO POWERFUL. It can be used as a tool to bring forth change. It’s used to motivate and inspire lost souls in the time of need. It is able to change the world and even the people. 


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