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Tips to survive college life


Anxious. Nervous. Excited. Scared. Worried.

These are only a few of what an incoming freshman like you would feel on the first day of your college life. It’s a different story when you’re in High school. Things I could say were easier in terms of recitations, examinations and thought papers. Now, you’re ought to take it to a higher level. If you were good then, you should be better now. 

Here’s a short horror story, as they say: SCHOOL’S NEAR AND THE VACATION BREAK IS COMING TO AN END.” Well, it is the last week so it’s advisable to make the most out of it. If you haven’t gone swimming, go to the nearest resort and swim to your heart’s desires. *wink* 

Going back, I was once a “FRESHIE” at the University of Santo Tomas and I had no clue on what to bring on  my first day. I referred to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook for “Back-to-School” post which helped me a lot. Well, first things first, CONGRATULATIONS for making it this far! You’re about to embark on a wonderful journey and I hope you make the most of your four or five year stay. STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. 

What I’m about to share as a concerned Ate are only the basics. So here’s a few tips, advice and on what to expect:

1.) ESTABLISH A GOOD AND WORKING TIME MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE. It’d help whenever you need to study for quizzes, recitations or examinations. 

2.) MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION. It good to show that you are interested to learn and you are up for the job. Professors would easily recall your name or face if you make a good impression on day one.

3.) DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS. Not all lessons will be easy to grasp at first, so if it helps to ask about it then go. It’s better to be sure than be sorry at the end.

4.) RESTRAIN FROM CUTTING CLASS. As much as it’s part of the college life cliche, professors tend to notice who are absent and would require a very good explanation from you. There are allotted time on when you are able to cut class, it’s called “FREE CUT”. At UST-AB, if you’re class is one hour, after the first 15 minutes that your professors doesn’t show up, you can have the free cut. For an hour and thirty minutes class, if there’s no professor within thirty minutes then it’s a free cut. However, beware because professors tend to attend their class even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes left in the clock. *wink*

5.)  EXPECT THAT YOU’LL BE WRITING A LOT. If you’re in the Faculty of Arts and Letters, expect that you’re writing and reading comprehension will be developed. It’s actually a good thing. 

6.) When you’re given hand outs, READ IT RIGHT AWAY. If you can, read it first then study it next. Professors tend to check if you’ve read or browse on the hand outs.  It helps when you read in advance too.

7.)  Be ACTIVE in class discussions because professors will remember you better that way.  I survived because I wrote everything the professor said especially the important ones. However, it’s important to take note of the small details too. (It usually appears in the exams.)

8.)  It’s good to familiarize yourself with the basics of your course. If you’re a Philosophy major, familiarize yourself with the Pre-Socratics, Plato’s Anamnesis and world of forms, Socrates’ method of inquiry, Aristotle’s hylemorphism, Rene Descartes’ methodic doubt, etc.

9.) DO NOT BE LATE FOR CLASS. Professors see this as a sign of tardiness. They know and heard of all the possible excuses a student can make too.

10.) Avoid yawning or sleeping in class. It’s a sign of disinterest for professors and of course, it’s disrespectful.

11.) Refrain from using your cellular phone or gadget because professors confiscates it. (True story)

12.) Prepare a lot of 1×1 pictures. Twelve pieces will do.

13.) Yellow pads is a must. It’s goodbye to intermediate pads. 

14.  Examinations are usually “NO ERASURES.” So, it’s better to write your answers in pencil or at a scratch paper (usually at the back of the paper itself). 

15.) If you’re forgetful, have a separate notebook for your assignments or things-to-do.

16.) Always try to send a copy of your paper at your e-mail for safety purposes.

17.)  The laptops used for presentations are usually virus contaminated (currently being fixed). So be careful about this.

18.)  The subject History might turn out to be “hard” because of the memorization but it’s better if you re-write your notes or make a diagram so it’d be easier for you to study.

19.) AVOID PROCRASTINATION. Seriously, this is a big N-O. Accomplish everything before the deadline. It’ll help you focus better in class. 

20.) LASTLY, ENJOY! Don’t think of it as a “hard” and “crucial” course, love it! *wink*

If you need help about anything, please feel free to ask me anytime! 

(Credits to CZARA DY for the picture! ♥)



5 thoughts on “Tips to survive college life

  1. Hi Ate! Thank you sa tips 🙂 I’m a future Thomasian and I will surely follow and remember you reminders! Same faculty! 🎉 haha.

    1. Awww I’m so glad this post helped you! You can always message me here and I’ll try to respond agad. 🙂 It’s sad that I won’t get the chance to meet you 😦

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