10 Lessons In Love

There are some love lessons that can take a long time to learn. Here’s a cheat sheet of all the things your mom didn’t tell you about l-o-v-e!

1. Learn how to cook. It may sound old-fashioned, but guys like girls that can do more than just boil water.

2. Being worshiped isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If he’s devoted to you and nothing else, you’ll get sick of him fast.

3. Don’t ignore the bad. It’s easier to see what we want than what we don’t, but admitting that he has flaws is important.

4. You are just as important as he is. Don’t put his needs ahead of your own. Relationships are equal partnerships.

5. If he wants to call, he will. Don’t stalk his cell phone if you haven’t heard from him. He has your number and if he wants to talk, he’ll call you.

6. Just because he said the word marriage, doesn’t mean he wants to get married. Wait until it’s serious before you start imagining your walk down the aisle.

7. Guys are hard to understand! Understand yourself and your needs first. Knowing what you want makes getting to know him easier.

8. Love is not a race. Just because your friends are in relationships, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you if you aren’t.

9. Getting naked changes things. There is nothing wrong with waiting to take off your clothes.

10. Have a life outside of love. Guys like girls that are interesting and have hobbies. The more you are into you- the more he will be too.

**Reposting this from my Facebook account; dates back 2011.


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