Random Thoughts

To the modern youth

To the modern youth,

I am no famous personality but I’m just someone like you, a teenager in the post-modern age. I am someone going on with life wondering what would and could happen in the next years. But one thing I know that usually keeps us going especially in school are the “happy crush” or the “love life”. *wink*

Well, I have learned that in a relationship, it’s better to start with a strong foundation built on friendship and God’s grace. It’s the “getting-to-know” stage where you simply enjoy each other’s company without thinking of anything about it. One step at a time, you discover the small but important things. Go with the flow and see where it leads you. You never know, it may be the best thing that could ever happen or it could be a lesson to be learned.

Nowadays, I’ve seen how teenagers define what a relationship is. Most of them consider it as a “for now” or “at the moment” thing; calling it a “past time” would be an awful interpretation for both parties. Courting usually happens thru text messages or online chat then small talks over coffee “cocol”  (coffee coffee lang) or the “hohol” (hang out hang out lang) in Filipino slang. It’d turn awkward when you’re with your date and friends ‘cause there’s this fear of losing the person you like over your friends. *That’s some serious trust issues right there.* However, I’d like to think that it’s better to go on dates with each other’s group of friends.

So, okay… You are probably heads over heels with this boy or girl you like after one or two dates. You’ve held hands and said those sweet “I like you” lines but consider first if YOU ARE READY TO ENTER A RELATIONSHIP. When you enter a relationship, it also means that you are prepared for marriage in the long run. If lucky, your sweetheart could be the person you grow old with. The boyfriend and girlfriend stage is a preparation for the sweetest and romantic thing of all. If it starts from flirting, rest assured that it’ll end badly because trust wouldn’t be in the relationship.

Speaking of flirting, it’s one reason why couple’s split or call it off. One person in the relationship decides to spice things up by adding another person in the relationship. Yes, it’s a triangle but it’s YOU, GOD and YOUR LOVED ONE.

Look for someone who is “God-fearing” and knows what the word RESPECT is. Nowadays, its two things teenager lacks. Temptation seems to get them right away. Moreover, they see what their eyes let them but not what their mind and heart perceives.

The issue on pre-marital sex is another topic up for discussion.  Pre-marital sex is sexual activity practiced by persons who are unmarried and usually by the youth. It arises from curiosity on what it’s about. I will not tell them what is right and wrong but I want to let them realize the importance of chastity and the importance of making proper decision making. It’s still better to keep in mind if one is emotionally, spiritually and physically ready because it is not something given openly. When one open’s oneself to another, it is also about letting another person in your life. Keep in mind, respect.

Dear you, whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that you deserve to be happy. Happiness isn’t achieve over a night’s sleep but through God’s grace in due time with your efforts as also. There is more to life. Pray before you sleep and thank Him for everything. Wake up with a smile and live each day like it’s your last.



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