Hooray to a month of awesomeness!

Everyday is a blessing. You get to meet and be with several people. The expanding network is good but not always. It’s as if you’re going with the flow but leaving the anchor at port. There are no breaks, pause or stops. Not everyone of these people are fortunate enough to stay and if they do, lucky you! There are those who left because they “envy” the people around you now. The moment a “friend” feels any negativity towards you isn’t a good sign that the friendship is strong. Negativity or insecurity is from thinking that you are not good enough. its lacking the self-esteem and confidence to stand up and tell everyone how pretty or whatever you are. Never mind the detractors, they do what they think is best for them and everyone. “Thinking” is different from “Knowing” what is best.

They say,  “real friends” are those who choose to watch a movie or eat out with you despite the fact the world ending at that very moment. Exaggerated, yes but come to think of it, it is. No matter how “screwed up” you think you are and your life story is, if they choose to be with you, be thankful. They love and accept you for who you are.

Recently, I was fortunate to spend three days and two nights with student leaders from my dear University. Lucky me, I found three goats who took me in despite being in the “cat” society during those times. After that, who knew a basketball game can make a big difference? Well, we didn’t think it was possible but it did. here we are now. It was one hell of a day and I enjoyed it. It got me out of my comfort zones and tried something different. Its my happy pill; they are my happy pill. I can’t stop laughing whenever I think of those times.

Whenever the four of us are together,  someone always gets in trouble. I don’t know why but it happens and that’s the thrill of it. I miss being with them. They make me laugh and take me so high, they are simply amazing. We may have different personalities but we click! I feel so blessed to have them. Each day, I thank all the blessings God has given me and I thank Him for the love I feel from the people around me.

I hope the four of us will stay this way always till we grow old and have our own families. The bond we have is so strong that I would be there if one phone call or text message if they need me.  This is the Kristi everyone fails to know. I am seen as the suplada, mataray and maarte girl. Sorry but you are wrong in every way. My friends are proof of this understatement. They (Mehs) know when I’m sad and down given the fact that I’m a private person. It’s amazing how they say the right words to make me feel better. I maybe the only girl but they treat me as one of the boys and nothing special. It’s rare to find individuals like them. Just when I thought they are extinct, I was proven wrong.

I miss them already. Right now, I’m not with them but here’s a post dedicated to them. One down and forever in counting, Mehs!



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