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The line between service and corruption


Here’s another reflection paper for my SCL3 class. However, it wasn’t required to be passed so I’m posting it here.

The goods of the Earth must be rightfully preserved and taken care of. This includes not only the resources but man also. Everything we see is the gift of God and we benefit from this.

Therefore, it is our rightful duty to act as stewards to these creations. Here comes the interplay between stewardship and the government. The government must promote the human dignity by giving quality services from the heart. Quality services such as projects that are legally liquidated in reports for everyone to know how the people’s money is being spent. The government helps in building the common good within the community.

It’s that season again where politicians participate actively in society. Other would say it’s the sign that elections is near. The Elections is the indication of man’s freedom to select whoever he seems fit for the job and who can contribute to the welfare of the community. During election, the people are required to express their right to suffrage and duty to the motherland. Participation is a must. A single vote can change the entire selection process.

Why are we given this choice? It is because we shall benefit from this also. Selecting the right person to be our voice in the community is important. He must embody the ideals and principles the society deserves. Being in the government and in a high position, gives power over the citizens. Gaining the trust of the people is something ought to be treasured. However, there are those who seem to forget that when they were chosen by the people, they are required to serve with a quality worthwhile and could last not only during the first year of their election. I have learned that service is from the heart. It should be just and right to the community. Once elected, it is important to execute the role given by proving the worthiness of the leader. A leader leads his people with excellence. He provides projects suited to their needs, checks and balances the fund.

The film shows the inappropriate usage of funds by officials. For example, the damn somewhere in the Mountain Province, which isn’t as useful as it was meant to be. Projects are being done just for the sake of saying there is a project. These are known as the “white elephant projects”. These are ways on how the money is taken under the table. Another would be the injustice and misuse of authority.

It also showed something which cannot be denied. The Philippines has come to be known as the second most corrupt nation in Asia. Which is right? “There is corruption because we are poor or we are poor because there is corruption.” The latter is the most proper way to describe why the Philippines ranks as the second most corrupt nation. As seen, it is the communities in the rural areas who are affected the most by the corrupt officials. These officials seem to have forgotten what they promised and what their purpose is.

A leader should always go back to the basics. One must be committed to the duties towards his people because there is always a line between service and corruption.


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4 thoughts on “The line between service and corruption

  1. I like this particular blog entry of yours i think our politics will forever be like this until it’s our generation’s time to lead. And i hope we can make a difference.

    1. Thank you very much!! Yes, it is left to our generation to take the initiative to lead. It’s good to know that there are still concerned citizens and willing to make a change.

  2. In the provinces (i experienced this) candidates are buying votes and they bully their counterpart who does now have money. And guess what who the people vote? I keep telling some of the voters i know, you can accept the money(they really need it) but you can vote anyone you want because they will not find out who you vote for. But in the end they are afraid they might get cought by not voting the politician who gave them the money. The money he gave was 1000 ea person so imagine how manu votes he got. And he’ll make 10x+ more than what he give out.

    1. I’ve experienced the same thing but it’s here at an urban city. What you have mentioned is a “common” thing around here especially in the “squatters” area, as they call it. Politicians power tripping over the weak uses their fear as an advantage. I think, it’s time for those people to realize that they are powerful over the politicians especially in a democratic country.

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