Random Thoughts


Lately, I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs. I’ve had my fair share of the “crying at night” moments and those “what ifs”. I’m not the type of person who’d share what I’m going through unless I have known you my entire life. Keeping things private and secured about personal problems is the typical Kristi you’ll know. TRUST was and sometimes is an issue for me. However, things have changed. I am learning to trust a few people whom I feel comfortable with. I admit I lost some friends this college but I gained more than I expected. People come and go but lucky are you to those who choose to stay. They are not only my friends but my family. It’s an overwhelming feeling when the people you least expected are those who will always be at your side, good or bad. I tried not to tell them but I remembered that asking for help isn’t a sign of giving up, losing or weakness. It’s a reminder that we can’t do things on our own. There will always be a time that we’ll need somebody to hang on to when we feel like we’re an inch close to falling off from a cliff.

“STAY STRONG AND KEEP HOLDING ON.” Whenever I feel that I’m losing from my fight, I close my eyes and remember this. I think of all the people who loves me and believes in me. I was asking the big guy for a sign and inspiration then he gave me these incredible and outstanding people. Yes, I am still struggling. Yes, I haven’t got myself a solution. Yes to everything I don’t have right now. But NO because I will not raise my white flag and surrender. I am a strong lady and with God by my side, I feel invincible. It is my faith and drive that keeps me going.

Everyday I wake up and thank everything that I have right now. I say a little prayer and choose to start my day with the boost of confidence not to crumble because of the challenges I face. Instead, I take it as my strength. At the end of the day, the strong are those who accept defeat and molds it into one’s weapon. As they say, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

I am writing this because I had to let everything out from my chest. I just want to thank you dear friends for everything even from the simple good luck message. I am a stronger person each day because of you. Whatever may happen in the next few days, I am ready for it. To whatever success or lesson learned, I shall owe it all to you. I won’t let you down! Thank you very much!



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