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A life of service and sacrifice

One can say that man’s life is spent well when shared his blessings, reached out and influenced others. Service must come naturally and willingly from the heart. The noblest thing is the selfless act of starting a catalyst of change to the community. With the knowledge of the social problems the society face, there are still those who took the initiative.

From the seminar, the reactor said that “ang tunay na leader na kristiyano, hindi sinisilbihan dapat nagsisilbi.” This is the most striking line for me during the entire seminar. I believe I can relate my current situation to this. It was an inspirational seminar. It inspired me to serve and fueled my passion to be someone others could look up to.

The first speaker was Mr. Anghel T. Alibayan. It’s true when they say it’s a small world. He’s a teacher at my alma mater. During my high school years, I saw him as the admirable Filipino teacher who relates his life lessons to the topic. Now, I see him not only as a mentor but as an inspirational icon everyone should look up to. He discussed how with the help of the UST-OCD, he was able to extend a hand to farther communities not only in his barangay. Hand in hand and selflessly as a leader he says, there are issues which can’t be avoided but this shouldn’t be a hindrance to continue giving the quality service the community needs. As he shares his experiences, I feel how he strives to encourage others to join his cause. He said, “kung sino ang tutulungan, andun ang puso.” It’s all in the passion. It’s all from the heart. Keep the flame burning as they say. The existence of such organizations implies the principle of subsidiarity; not only are those in higher positions but also those in the local units can be leaders.

An individual always has something to offer the community. Man is born with innate responsibilities and duties. He must exercise this by participating and not being passive. It’s a two-way street. It is better to encourage everyone to participate in community building. It is their right and duty to do so. The cultural, economic, political and social life of a citizen is to express his contribution to the society he lives in. Eventually, this leads to the common good which everyone aims for; inspired by the teachings of the church and Christ.

Being a leader is not easy. One must have the heart, passion, dedication and drive for it. It cannot be imposed on someone. If the community is filled with the youth who seems to be lost or confused with their life calling, a leader must be there to shed light to this youth and bring them back to the path of God’s grace. The speakers during the seminar have served this cause with the help of the University of Santo Tomas and the respective faculties and colleges that offers such programs to these youth. The values are harnessed through the experience.

Sacrifice is not an easy thing to do. Each day we are given choices and it requires selecting the right one. Sacrifice that comes from the heart is a worthwhile sacrifice. A leader sacrifices his time for friends and social life to a greater cause and knows where he stands. Therefore, a real leader lives with service and sacrifice to the greater common good of society.

This was my reflection paper when we were asked by our Social Teachings of the Church professor last semester to write about the seminar we attended. I just wanted to share it and maybe someone of you would find it interesting as I did.


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